Low interest personal loans

In Australia you can find a lot of interesting alternatives for your personal loan. The personal loans are different from home loans in a few points.

For example, in the personal loan you will have a short term (1-5 years in the most cases). The minimum and maximum loan amount varies between 5 and 30000 $AUD and opposite with the home loan, you can use this money where you want. Examples of personal loans:
  • Personal loan to buy a car 
  • Personal loan to buy a motorcycle 
  • Personal loan to travel 
  • Personal loan to study 
  • Personal loan to buy boats 
  • Personal loan for  wedding expenses
The minimum and maximum loan amounts are different for different finance companies. You should check the repayment calculators (online tools which help you no analyse your loan repayment). The best finance companies will provide you the best personal loan with the next benefits that you should always confer:

Personal loan with no annual fee (you should not compare only the personal loan tax, you should also verify if your loan terms include an annual fee).

Making extra repayments – if for some reason you need extra repayments, you need to check it they are fees for making extra repayments. The best personal loans have no fees for making extra repayments.

The repayment period is not fixed for all loans and it could be monthly, quarterly etc. The best personal loan should provide no fees if you want to pay your loan annually. You should find an easy application process online. This application process should be clear, with no hidden information and will save you a lot of time and money. You can compare de online application process for each personal load. 

Personal loan - advertised rate

The rate for personal loans, can be fixed or variable. The fixed is most secure for obvious reasons. The taxes can vary between 10.45 and 14.50 %.

Personal loan - application fee

The application fee estimation for some known financial companies is around 200$AUD

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