Tuesday, October 23

ANZ MoneyManager! login

Today the "login" post is about ANZ MoneyManager. Basically, this is an online money manager. This is a kind of toll where you can add your bank accounts and track activities. Is very useful for those who have more than one account and like to monitor it all day ;)

ANZ MoneyManager supports bank account, where you can have a view of your added account in only one place.

The most important of the money managers, is to give you an most accurate idea of the categories of your transactions. In this way, you can know where are you spending your money.

The alerts! This is other important feature of ANZ MoneyManager. You can set limts to alerts of billings or when you spent your limit.

Track your investments! you can monitor your investments, the shares and the superannuation.

You can have an integrated view of your bank accounts analysis. This permits you to tune up your expenses and get better net values very mounts.

Money managers are powerful. You will note it after the first month you use it.

Please share your feedback ;) Do not forget to read the Online Budget Planer post.

ANZ MoneyManager Login


Saturday, October 20

Google Finance: Login!

Ok, for those who love to check some markets and trading stuff. Google finance is the perfect tool for you. It is free, it is simple, and it is powerfull.

Go ahead! Login to google finance, check their blog. You will love this service.You can search for certain company titles and you will have access to their profile, news, related companies, historical prices etc.

You can also check markets, news, Portfolios, stock screener and google domestic trends.

For certain search you can show very nice graphs, and the related news which title is displayed on the right, are marked in the time line of the graphs. You can easily relate the news with the graph trends.

Simply amazing, I am loving it ;)

Friday, October 19

Online budget planner

Hi everyone! Today I am sharing with you a very intersecting tool that I have discovered. This tool is perfect to control your money. It is basically about personal finance surveillance ;)

The tool is provided by Money Smart. It is available both online and offline, and it is compatible with iPad. Yes, from the countries I know, Australia is probably one of the most advanced in Personal Finance resources provided by the own government.

The budget planner features:

  • Answer to the question: “Where your money is going?” 
  • Tell if you are spending more than you can afford
  • If your money is going towards your priorities 

I have done this experience some years ago when I was in Portugal. With a simple spread sheet. The result is fabulous. You can know exactly where your money is going to.

I have concluded that my money was been spent mostly in my car, with fuel and maintenance over the year (about 30%).

This is a very good exercise, you can see where you can cut to save more money over the year. Try it and leave your feedback about this tool ;)

I get this opportunity to announce that Money Australia blog will  be updated with more frequency and will try to become a reference in Personal Finance niche. Subscribe by email to get exciting news related to Personal Finance.
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