Tuesday, November 8

Mentos money - win $25000 and cash prizes

Do you want to win $25000 ? Mentos money is a website that is offering some gifts in real momey.
According to this site ( http://www.mentosmoney.com.au ), the aditional gifts are:
  • $1,000 money gift
  • $100 money gift
  • $50 money gift
  • $5 money gift
I dont know why they are offering, but I think it because they are building a marketing database. If you check their website, you need a mentos code (in the mentos package) and to fill the form with some personal info.
You can verify all information and try your luck in their website: ( http://www.mentosmoney.com.au ).

And remember!! If you win, share with us! :D

Wednesday, November 2

Hello this is my first post

Hi, my name is Sofia. I have 28 years old and studied economics in a Portuguese Business School (Universidade Nova de Lisboa). At the time I am living and working in Australia (Brisbane). This beautiful city with wonderful people. During my work day I do economic studies. An in this blog I will share some personal opinions with you. I will talk about a lot of things, but in special, I will try to help people to find and get great financial products.

I hope you like my blog, and feel free to comment. It would be very nice if we have a chance to know people with the same interests.

Bye for now.
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